The Delheim Wine Estate is family-owned by the Sperlings. As well as a South African wine industry legend, it was the late Michael Hans “Spatz” Sperling who was the patriarch and his wife Vera still resides on the farm. The eldest children of the couple, Victor Sperling and Nora Sperling-Thiel, now serve as directors of the company, living on and continuing the legacy of the farm with their families.

Delheim produces an exciting range of wines, all of which are unique to their estates. The Delheim collection includes two styles of Chenin Blanc, Shiraz and Pinotage, all a reflection of the different plots and subsequent winemaking available on their estates. Grand Reserve Cabernet, the Edelspatz and South Africa’s first Rosé, the Pinotage Rosé are also produced by the Delheim.

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