The Liberator, Episode 32: Opposites Attract, 2019

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Geography and convention tell us one should never blend maritime Merlot with continental Syrah. I mean, really; this would never happen in the renowned appellations of France? In the New World, however, winemakers are not beholden to such tradition or etiquette.

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Rick himself is amazed that after 10 years, this month sees the release of Episode 32. Opposites Attract is a blend of Syrah and Merlot, uncovered at very good address in Constantia.
Opposites Attract is a case in point. Here, the Syrah component is represented by the Queen of Hearts, the card of beauty. Her suitor is represented by the King of Spades the Merlot in our blend. He is an authority of Wisdom and Mastery. The first card in the deck, he was born on the first day of the year and known for his spiritual energy and wisdom.

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